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Installation screenshots of ENOTIF 3.X for in CVS REL1_4[edit]

  • (under construction)

Installation screenshots of ENOTIF 2.00 as in CVS HEAD[edit]

If you already have MediaWiki 1.5 or later installed, then you've already got email notification, since it's built in! You just have to turn it on.

  1. edit your LocalSettings.php file
  2. scan for the string "enotif"
  3. set the obvious variables to "true"
  4. you're done! That was easy wasn't it?

If you're installing your wiki for the first time, you'll see this screen:

Installation script form (section)
example for an update action from user_newtalk to watchlist table (Remark: the screenshot shows, that user_newtalk is deleted, however this is not the case any longer for newer versions ENotif 3.x)

  • Please visit the archive of this page for the installation guide for older versions of Enotif for older version of the MediaWiki software.