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For your feedback, best to send me an email.

Some comments:

Nick Triantos 15.10.2004:

Hello Tom,

Just wanted to say thank you again, for your excellent work in creating Enotif, and in supporting me and the others who've been asking questions along the way. We now have it deployed at our site, and it appears to be working properly.

David 15.10.2004:


schonmal Danke fuer deine Arbeit!

Ich habe leider keine Mailingliste gefunden, daher schreibe ich direkt dich an, ich hoffe das ist OK.

Der enotif patch fuer mediawiki ist ganz gut, genau sowas suchte ich!

Emmanuel 16.10.2004

Hallo Thomas,

Es ist klar, dass du schon irgenwie implementiert hast, was ich brauche. Aber leider, ist dein Arbeit nicht in dem CVS, weiss du Warum ?

Victor Fariña 17.10.2004

Why mediwiki developers dont include this excelent patch on mediwiki distribution ???

I think its a nice feature ...

Klaws 08:34, 3 August 2005 (UTC) : Enotif should be included with the main MediaWiki branch, not as a seperate branch. The way it's currently done is prone to cause delays between new relases of the main branch and EnotifWiki - a most unconvinient situation in the case of critical security fixes. Since Enotif can be actiavted/deactivated during wiki configuration, an inclusion in the main branch should not be a problem, right?

I am a vBulletin user. It is handy to also send email to admins notifying of new registrations. -- LarryEitel 14:06, 16 August 2005 (UTC)