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Please use Your feedback for questions to me, I will answer you directly as soon as possible. Thank you. --Wikinaut [mail] 02:33, 25 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Place your questions here:

Daily digest mailer[edit]

I modified/added some Mediawiki stuff to optionally email daily watchlist digests if anyone wants it, but I don't really know where to 'mention' it. It has nothing to do with the enotif scripts. --MHart 22:21, 20 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Where can I download the Enotif extension?[edit]

Error applying the patch to a Mediawiki version without Enotif[edit]

After applying the path (patch -u -b < enotiff.diff) i try to access the Wiki (mediawiki 1.3.4) and a Database error occour , i think the patch needs changes on database, but how can i apply the changes of the new structure ??? the error was :

UPDATE watchlist SET wl_notificationtimestamp = 0 WHERE wl_title='Wickle_Projects_and_Docs' AND wl_namespace = 0 AND wl_user = 2
MySQL ERROR"1054: Unknown column 'wl_notificationtimestamp' in 'field list'".

Same question and one answer reported by Nick Triantos:

Hi Tom,

First issue I noticed: I downloaded the full mw1.3.5_incl_enotif1.2 package, but didn't realize the watchlist table needed a new field. It was easy enough to fix, it looks like I just need to add a wl_notificationtimestamp field of type varchar(14), binary. -Nick

Answer: You are both right.

Three possible solutions:

  • Apply this sql TABLE command manually to the database
Content of file /maintenance/archives/patch-email-notification.sql (this file is part of the enotif patch suite and the tgz file)
-- A new column 'wl_notificationtimestamp' is added to the table 'watchlist'.
ALTER TABLE  watchlist ADD (wl_notificationtimestamp varchar(14) binary NOT NULL default '0');


  • use the mysqlcc program if you have installed it
to add the needed wl_notificationtimestamp column manually to the watchlist table of your wiki database.


  • use the MediaWiki update database service routine
    • copy /AdminSettings.sample to /AdminSettings.php
    • set up your MySQL root username and root user password in this module
    • run php /includes/maintenance/update.php. This updates all databases to the current structure.