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Extension:DynamicPageList (disambiguation)

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There are multiple versions of DynamicPageList extensions, which share a common origin:

Extension also known as Intersection, developed by Ilya Haykinson and Amgine in 2005 to be used in Wikinews and Wikibooks. This is the original version of DynamicPageList.
The extension is in passive maintanance (since it is deployed in Wikimedia), but the future of it is uncertain and it will not be installed in any further Wikimedia wikis.
A 2005 fork of DynamicPageList above by Unendlich and Dangerville with some new features.
This version is abandoned.
DynamicPageList (third-party)
A 2007 fork of DynamicPageList2 by Gero (Algorithmix).
This version is also abandoned.
A 2015 fork of DynamicPageList (third-party) , developed by Universal Omega (and formerly Alexia E. Smith).
It features a rewritten code base, numerous performance improvements, security fixes, and is fully backwards compatible.
Handles {{#dpl:..}}, <DPL> and <DynamicPageList>.
This version is considered stable.

There is another extension, Extension:DynamicPageListEngine , which makes dynamic page lists available to Scribunto modules. It is compatible with the original DynamicPageList /Intersection and covers many features of other DynamicPageList extensions. But it's Lua dependent - Core MediaWiki use PHP.