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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: beta

Implementation Tag, Ajax
Description Allows to post comments on any page. Based on Ajax. Supports hierarchical structure of messages.
Author(s) Vladimir Kolmogorov
Latest version 3.0
MediaWiki 1.23.3
PHP 5.2.9
License Custom license
Download link
Example commenterra

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This extension adds a "discussion" panel to any page, where users can post blog-like comments. An example can be viewed here.


To add discussion to a page, add the following wiki text:

<discussion />

You can also specify various parameters, e.g.


will remove restriction on the number of characters in a comment, and will display Previous/Next buttons instead of More. Here is a complete list of parameters.

Download & installation[edit]

This extension requires several new tables to be created. For download, creating tables, and installation instructions, please follow this link.