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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: unstable
Implementation User interface
Description Provides a way to install extensions via GUI and update them and your wiki itself via another GUI.
Author(s) Jeroen De Dauw
Latest version not released yet
MediaWiki 1.17
License GPL
Download Template:WikimediaDownload/svn
$wgRepositoryApiLocation, $wgRepositoryLocation, $wgRepositoryPackageStates
Added rights
Translate the Deployment extension if it is available at translatewiki.net
Check usage and version matrix.

This extension enables installation and updating of extensions and MediaWiki itself. It obtains deployment packages by using the API provided by the Distribution extension, parses these and applies them. For this it provides several special pages. You can read more about the deployment effort on the deployment page.

Development plans[edit]

See /plans.

Special pages[edit]


This page lists all installed extensions and allows you to filter on extension type. It’s based on the WordPress “plugins” page and is currently only an improved version of the extension list in Special:Version. It’s the only special page added by Deployment that can be viewed by non administrators. When logged in however, every extension has a list of links allowing you do various actions. The extension info is handled by a new class ExtensionInfo, which parses the info of individual extensions in $wgExtensionCredits, and provides a more convenient way to work with it. This allows for adding support for a new, better, extension info format later on. A planned feature for this special page is showing update notifications in each extension row.



This page allows you to search through available extensions in the repository. The interface is based on the “plugin-install” page of WordPress and allows for searching extensions based on term, tag or author. After performing a search you get a list of matching extensions showing their name, version, authors, description, link to the documentation, and a link to download them. Later on this download link will be replaced by an “Install” one.



This page will inform you of any updates to both core and extensions. It behaves basically identical to the WordPress “update” page.



Planned special page similar to the WordPress dashboard. Not for the initial version.


Add the following code to your LocalSettings.php to enable the extension:

# Distribution
require_once( "$IP/extensions/Deployment/Deployment.php" );

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