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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: stable
Implementation Special page
Description Add a special page with cooperation statistics.
Author(s) Al Maghitalk
MediaWiki 1.13+
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Download - dev: bugzilla
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Add a page to show how much cooperation there is on the main namespace. (See screenshot)


  1. Download extension CooperationStatistics and drop it in $IP/extensions.
  2. Add to LocalSettings the following line:

Further configuration[edit]

  1. (optional) $wgCooperationStatsGoogleCharts = False; to disable google charts. screenshot
  2. (extra) Special:CooperationStatistics give the number of pages with from 1 to 6++ editors on default configuration. Administrators could upon this limit in [[MediaWiki:CooperationStatistics-limit-few-revisors]]. Same with top limit: [[MediaWiki:CooperationStatistics-limit-many-revisors]]
  3. (extra) To ease navigation you may edit some messages such as [[MediaWiki:Mostrevisions-summary]] with something like: See also: Special:CooperationStatistics.
The extension add a link to [[Special:MostRevisors]].


  1. Special:CooperationStatistics - view statistics.
  2. {{Special:CooperationStatistics}} - include charts.

E.g. display charts on Special:Statistics:

In system message MediaWiki:Statistics-footer add:
== Cooperation Statistics ==

See also[edit]