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Contribution Scores

Estado da versão:Extension status estável

ImplementaçãoTemplate:Extension#type User activity, Special page, Parser function
DescriçãoTemplate:Extension#description Polls wiki database for highest user contribution volume.
Autor(es)Template:Extension#username Tim Laquatalk
Última versãoTemplate:Extension#version 1.25.0 (2016-02-17)
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki 1.25+
Alterações à
base de dados
LicençaTemplate:Extension#license Licença não especificada
Exportação (Download)
ExemploTemplate:Extension#example mixesdb.com,
$wgContribScoreIgnoreBots, $wgContribScoreIgnoreBlockedUsers, $wgContribScoresUseRealName, $wgContribScoreDisableCache, $wgContribScoreReports
Hooks usadosTemplate:Extension#hook

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The Contribution Scores extension polls the wiki database to locate contributors with the highest contribution volume – it is also in stable use on a high-volume wiki such as translatewiki.net. The extension is intended to add a fun metric for contributors to see how much they are helping out.

The score is defined as (number of unique pages edited) + 2 * square root ((number of edits) - (number of unique pages edited)).


  • Exporte e coloque o ficheiro, ou ficheiros, num diretório chamado ContributionScores, na sua pasta extensions/.
  • Acrescente o seguinte código ao fundo do ficheiro LocalSettings.php:
    require_once "$IP/extensions/ContributionScores/ContributionScores.php";
    $wgContribScoreIgnoreBots = true;          // Exclude Bots from the reporting - Can be omitted.
    $wgContribScoreIgnoreBlockedUsers = true;  // Exclude Blocked Users from the reporting - Can be omitted.
    $wgContribScoresUseRealName = true;        // Use real user names when available - Can be omitted. Only for MediaWiki 1.19 and later.
    $wgContribScoreDisableCache = false;       // Set to true to disable cache for parser function and inclusion of table.
    //Each array defines a report - 7,50 is "past 7 days" and "LIMIT 50" - Can be omitted.
    $wgContribScoreReports = array(
  • YesY Pronto – Na página especial Special:Version da sua wiki verifique se a extensão foi instalada.


Special Page

You will have a new Special Page titled "Contribution Scores"


You can include this special page in to other pages using the following wikitext:


# 10 top contributors from the last 5 days

# 10 top contributors since the beginning of wiki

# 15 top contributors from the last 7 days, no tool links

# 15 top contributors from the last 3 days, not sortable and no tool links

Appearance Customization

The following CSS classes are used, but NOT defined - you can define them in your MediaWiki:Common.css article:

.contributionscores-wrapper       {  }
.contributionscores-title         { background-color: #aaaaaa; margin-bottom: 0px; padding-left: .4em; }
.contributionscores .header { background-color: #cccccc; border-bottom: 1px solid #999999; font-weight: bold; }
.contributionscores .odd        { background-color: #eeeeee; }
.contributionscores .header td   { padding-left: .2em; padding-right: .2em; }
.contributionscores .content   { padding-left: .2em; padding-right: .2em; }

#cscore Parser Function Examples

Contribution Score for Tim Laqua

{{#cscore:Tim Laqua|score}}

Changes Made for Tim Laqua

{{#cscore:Tim Laqua|changes}}

Unique Pages Edited for Tim Laqua

{{#cscore:Tim Laqua|pages}}

Adding a link to in the sidebar

Edit MediaWiki:SidebarMediaWiki:Sidebar and add the line

** Special:Contributionscores|contributionscores

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