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Notes for finalizing the conversion of CentralNotice to use extension registration. Current work is here: Gerrit change 186899.

Copied code to verify[edit]

  • Autoloaded classes (extension.json) Yes Done (PS 33)
  • API modules and list modules (extension.json) Yes Done (PS 33)
  • Hooks (extension.json and CentralNoticeHooks::onRegistration()) Yes Done (PS 35)
  • Special pages (extension.json) Yes Done (PS 33)
  • RL modules (extension.json) Yes Done (PS 33)
  • Config variables and defaults (extension.json) Yes Done (PS 33)

Functionality to smoke test[edit]

  • UserMerge integration Yes Done (as merged to master branch)
  • TranslationExtension integration To do Test on beta cluster
  • User rights Yes Done (PS 36)
  • Namespace registration Yes Done (as merged to master branch)
  • RL loading (modules loaded on most pages vs. those on Special and edit pages) Yes Done (PS 36)
  • Variables sent to JS Yes Done (PS 36)
  • Presence of SiteNotice div Yes Done (PS 36)
  • PHP and JS unit tests Yes Done (PS 36)
  • EventLogging schema To do Test on beta cluster
  • API Yes Done (PS 36)