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Category Tests

Release status: stable

Implementation Parser function
Description Functions for category testing
Author(s) Ryan Schmidt (Skizzerztalk)
Latest version 1.5
MediaWiki 1.11+
License GPL
Hooks used

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This currently defines 3 parser functions for category testing.

  • {{#ifcategory:category|then|else|page}} -- tests if the given page is in the category given, then displays "then" or "else" (or current page if no page is given).
  • {{#ifnocategories:then|else|page}} -- tests if the given page does not belong in any categories, then displays "then" or "else" (or current page if no page is given).
  • {{#switchcategory:category1=result1|category2=result2|...|default}} -- Operates like the ParserFunctions #switch, but doesn't take an initial parameter (it just starts cycling through right away) and tests if the page is in those categories instead of comparing it to a value. You can specify to test other pages using #page=pagename, where it would then test that page instead of the current page until the next #page definition, in which case it will test that page now instead. Making #page empty resets it to the current page. If your default case needs an equals sign, you may use #default to declare it.

Download instructions[edit]

Download the latest snapshot of this extension via the MediaWiki Extension Distributor. Then, extract the files to your MediaWiki's extensions directory (a new directory at extensions/CategoryTests will be formed).

Warning: Before you download read Requirements or you might install the wrong version.


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php:



This extension currently requires MediaWiki versions 1.11 or higher. When downloading, always download the development version (trunk) version of this extension!

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