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リリースの状態: ベータ
CategoryTagCloud MediaWiki extension screenshot.png
実装 タグ
説明 A Simple Category Cloud Extension
作者 María Belén Almazán
最新バージョン 1.0.0
ライセンス ライセンス未指定
使用状況とバージョン マトリクスを確認してください。

CategoryTagCloud extension is a simple category cloud extension.


In text parameters works as follows:

Defines the minimum text size. (既定値: 77)
Defines the factor to increase the text size by the number of articles. (既定値: 100)

The extension uses XML parameters in order to coloring in text parameters:

Adds CSS classes to the tag cloud itself (The tagcloud class is always included).
Adds CSS styles to the style parameter of the tag cloud.

in text parameters are place in between the two tags, and XML parameters are done inside the opening tag.


Download the extension into extensions/CategoryTagCloud and include the following line into your LocalSettings.php :

require_once "$IP/extensions/CategoryTagCloud/CategoryTagCloud.php"; // Category Cloud extension

You should include this line at the top of MediaWiki:Sidebar (make sure that you're logged in as an administrator) to adjust the sidebar: * CATEGORY CLOUD