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Calendar (Kenyu73)

Release status: stable

Calendar main.JPG
Implementation User interface
Description Full page calendar with page events and template events
Author(s) User:Kenyu73 (cur) User:Simsong (last) User:Hex2bit (orgin)
Latest version v3.8 (release) (2009-04-08)
MediaWiki 1.13-1.15 verified
License GPL
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Discontinue Notice[edit | edit source]

I'm moving away from this "wikipage" method calendar and putting effort into a direct database event calendar. The new calendar will be very similar to this one, except I'll be using forms and database access directly.

Extension:MW Calendar

Summary[edit | edit source]

This is one of the more advanced MediaWiki calendars. It offers full control with over 20 custom parameters including DateFormatting, vCal/iCal support, sharing, colors, lockdown modes, day lists, upcoming events week and year modes, templates and Internationalization (i18n) to name a few. You just pop the calendar tags into whatever page you wish and you then have a completely dedicated calendar for your needs. You can then subscribe to other calendars to populate events to your calendar. There are a bunch of combinations to choose from! Make sure you reference the ReadMe/Help page often...

Also, you can combine multiple calendars per page! I personally use a 'today/tomorrow' calendar (1ea) on my home portal with a 3rd floating calendar to the far right displaying upcoming events... these three all fullsubscribe to the main calendar located on a completely different page!

This is an updated and enhanced project originally created by User:Hex2bit/Calendar and the User:Simsong/Calendar project. I've done all testing with Windows and Linux so I'm hoping this will help filter out most cross platform bugs.

iCal functionality is limited right now. It does have basic import ability for yearly events (holidays), but not much more than that at this time. I'm unsure right now when this will be expanded. However, I may change the logic to only read an uploaded ical file instead of importing it as I currently do.

I'm always adding and cleaning up the code. I try to test as much as I can between sourcecode updates, but a few bugs may be introduced here and there. If you want the latest and greatest, download the trunk code.

Current Installations[edit | edit source]

Please list your calendar public site here.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Please view the ReadMe for a full details on the extension. The ReadMe is also included in the downloaded zip file.

 <calendar name="Family Events" editdefault usetemplates />

Download instructions[edit | edit source]

HTTP download


Installation[edit | edit source]

Please view the ReadMe for a full details on the extension. The ReadMe is also included in the downloaded zip file.

Screen Shots[edit | edit source]

Calendar main.JPG

You can also wrap the <calendar /> extension in a table (main or day view) -

! Today...
! Tomorrow...
|<calendar name="Team Calendar" defaultedit="1" date="today" />
|<calendar name="Team Calendar" defaultedit="1" date="tomorrow" />

Calendar day.JPG

useeventlist mode
Event view.GIF

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