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Bad Behavior
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation User rights
Description Blocks link spam and the robots which deliver it to your blog, forum, wiki or CMS.
Author(s) Michael Hampton (Error28talk)
Latest version 2.2.24 (2019-10-22)
MediaWiki 1.17.x-1.33.x
PHP 5+
Database changes No
License GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0 or later
Download bad-behavior.ioerror.us
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The Bad Behavior extension automatically blocks harvesters, spam bots, and other funky stuff.

Bad Behavior rejects spam bots outright, sending an appropriate 4xx error code. [...]

Instead of looking at the spam, we look at the spammer. Bad Behavior analyzes the HTTP headers, IP address, and other metadata regarding the request to determine if it is spammy or malicious. [...]

When Bad Behavior looks at a request, it determines if the request matches a profile of known malicious or spammy activity, and falls outside the bounds of a normal human browsing the web. If so, the request is blocked. [...]

But because Bad Behavior intends to block no legitimate users whatsoever, it must necessarily let some things pass. Consider it your first line of defense, and back it up with a secondary line of defense in the form of a more traditional anti-spam tool for your platform.

About page

By default, it adds a cookie which can be disabled with appropriate configuration.

It has some problems if you are using cache, in particular serving of cached wiki pages can't be blocked, only form submission will.

Extension does not work anymore since MediaWiki 1.34+ due to it's usage of an deprecated constant.

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