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Placeholder for notes on Export Enhancements.

Extend the Extension:Collection to provide an API[edit]

Basic Use Case: Be able to use the collection extension from the cmd line.

Interface (list of function from Collection.php)[edit]

  • CollectionAddArticle
  • CollectionRemoveArticle
  • CollectionAddCategory
  • CollectionAddChapter
  • CollectionRenameChapter
  • CollectionSetTitles
  • CollectionSetSorting
  • CollectionClear
  • CollectionSuggestAction (ban, add, remove, undo)
  • CollectionGetBookCreatorBoxContent
  • CollectionGetItemList
  • GetMWServeStatus

irrelevant functions (i.e. interactive mode only):

  • CollectionGetPopupData

Add Collection extension support to dumpHTML, and dumpBackup[edit]

Use case: Allow for easier export of portions of a wiki.


  • Add --collection= flag to each script

Add dumpHTML and dumpBackup support for Collection[edit]

Use case: Allow users to export HTML and XML using the Collection interface.


  • Remove the article count limit for dumpHTML/dumpBackup formats
  • Add support for adding a category, without expanding the category's article list

Provide parsed & semantically annotated XML of article text (dumps & API)[edit]

Use case: Make it easier to reuse the data. This was the #1 recommendation of the Wikimedia Strategy Offline Task Force.

How to get there[edit]

  • Build a list of missing semantic information in the current XHTML output
  • Subclass the parser and add
    • semantic information where it is currently missing
    • offer control over how templates are expanded
    • add the new functionality to the API