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FOSDEM (Brussels, Belgium) is probably the best community driven FOSS event in Europe. It's massive, chaotic and fun.


1-2 February:

We have one main track session: The Wikipedia Stack, by Erik Moeller.

Wikis devroom[edit]

Join the Wikis devroom on Saturday 1st. See the schedule.

Coordination: Quim Gil (MediaWiki), Vincent Massol (XWiki) and Jean-Marc Libs (Tiki) coordinate the devroom.

Wikimedia stand[edit]

See the complete list of stands.

Team: Dimitar Dimitrov (coordinator, Wikimedia Belgium), Quim Gil (Wikimedia Foundation). Stevie Benton (Wikimedia UK), Lydia Pintscher (Wikimedia Deutschland).

Keep in mind for next time:

* We had somebody ask about accepting donations at the stand (henna)

* People asking to buy things (henna)

  • Also need more goodies; other projects fundraiser a bit that way and have lots. We should have a selection on shirts and mugs for sale (both very popular)

Stand design[edit]

What do we get from the organizers? Are they setting any requirements?

:Asked organisers for details, no response yet. dimi

Do we need to print anything?

:A banner would be great. WMBE had prepared to have one, but we can't do it, because we're not affiliated yet. dimi


(We need an address to send the materials)

  • Who will bring what? (MediaWiki and Wikidata information material, WMBE/WMUK/WMDE goodies)
  • Wikimedia Foundation brings...

:Asked WMDE and WMUK for goodies. Waiting for response.

::WMUK will send a package of freebies.

::WMDE/Wikidata will bring a package.


  • Cool events/activities to attract our stand and make it memorable?
  • Anything to demo? PC / laptop?

What else?


We need at least 2 volunteers in each slot. We also need volunteers for mounting / unmounting.

Times to be confirmed. Friday build up, Saturday 9:00-19:00 and Sunday 9:00-17:00.



Which are the opening / closing times?


Which are the opening / closing times?


Link to your user profile and explain your main tasks / motivations.

  • Qgil, co-organizing the Wikis devroom.
  • MPelletier (WMF), giving a talk and attending.
  • Khorn (WMF), going to listen and learn.
  • AKlapper (WMF), lurking.
  • siebrand, giving a talk and attending.
  • Dimi, Wikimedian based in Brussels (lobbying for a copyright reform)
  • Seb35, interested in MediaWiki and free softwares (yes! :-)
  • Jean-Fred (talk) − saw the light on, thought I would come :)
  • Henna (talk) I can help with the stand but don't have times yet
  • Lionel Scheepmans (talk) : Interested to share knowledge and hep for every thing needed.
  • --Aktron (talk) 18:14, 27 January 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Ori Livneh
  • Faidon Lamboitis
  • Daniel Zahn
  • Alexandros Kosaris
  • Roan Kattouw
  • Erik Moeller
  • Andrew Garrett
  • Antoine Musso finally not attending.
  • Harsh Kothari - Giving talks and attending
  • Guido Iaquinti
  • Geertivp (talk)