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How to hack on Wikipedia

10 proposals to get you started in the MediaWiki community

You use Wikipedia. Maybe you donate to Wikipedia. Maybe you even edit Wikipedia. Or any other Wikimedia project: Commons, Wiktionary, Wikiversity... Since you are in FOSDEM chances are that you know what is MediaWiki. Maybe you are using it in some website or intranet. Maybe you even are a MediaWiki admin. Or maybe you even installed it once...

Anyway, we just came here to say that being a Wikipedia reader AND a FOSDEM attendee you simply qualify as technical contributors to one of the most amazing collaborative projects happening now. Annoyed by some detail? Suffering some bug? Missing some feature? Having a cool idea? Wondering what comes next? Here you have the top 10 activities that you can start right here right now:

(The list will go through 10 examples of tasks for developers, testers, designers, sysadmins, doc writers, and even product and marketing people! A page in will list these tasks and point to the right places to get you started).

Now you saw the dark side. You smelled the red pill. No matter what you do (or don't do), reading Wikipedia will never be the same.


How to hack on Wikipedia (DRAFT - feedback welcome


How to hack on Wikipedia (registration video)

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