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  • Community Noun project 2280.svg 利用者
  • Octicons-terminal.svg システム管理者
  • Source code project 1171.svg 開発者
  • OOjs UI icon language-ltr.svg 翻訳者

Enterprise wikis are meant to be used in a corporate (or organizational) context with a focus on enhancing internal knowledge sharing and a greater emphasis on features like access control, integration with other software, and document management.

To see how others organizations use MediaWiki, see MediaWiki testimonials and MediaWiki case studies.

If you want to collaborate with other third-party MediaWiki users, the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group (MWStake) is a MediaWiki user group consisting of MediaWiki developers, system administrators, users, consultants, and hosting providers. Also, please consider joining the mediawiki-enterprise mailing list.

For other third-party uses of MediaWiki, please see Sysadmin hub.