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Who we are

Introducing the editor engagement team

Wiki Women's Edit-a-thon-20.jpg

The Wikipedia ethos is "so fix it" – when something needs improving, just roll up your sleeves and make it better. That's what our team is all about.

Maryana Pinchuk, Product Manager
Pau Giner.jpg

Let's make editors enjoy creating content as much as readers enjoy consuming it.

Pau Giner, Interaction Designer
Benny Situ staff photo.jpg

Go team!

Benny Situ, Software developer - feature engineering
Brandon Harris 023 - Wikimedia Foundation Oct11.jpg

More Kirk; less Spock.

Brandon Harris, Senior Designer
Terry Chay.jpg

I'm administrative overhead. If I'm doing work, it means the others here aren't doing theirs. We don't want that.

Terry Chay, Director of Features Engineering

Flaschen, Matthew Jan 2014.jpg

Let's keep providing powerful new tools to grow editor communities and ease participation.

Matt Flaschen, Software Engineer

Steven Walling 004 - Wikimedia Foundation Oct11.jpg

The volunteers who build the world's greatest encyclopedia deserve better tools than what MediaWiki offers today.

Steven Walling, Associate Product Manager

16 Oliver Keyes - Wikimedia Foundation 016.jpg

Wikipedia is about having a repository of knowledge, not just now, but in 10, 20 or 50 years. Editor Engagement is about ensuring we have the volunteers to make that happen.

Oliver Keyes, Community Liaison, Product Development

Vibha Bamba.jpg

We need to make this space feel familiar so everyone who believes in the mission can be part of it

Vibha Bamba, Interaction Designer

Aaron Halfaker sunburst.jpg

I use the scientific method to explore the underlying patterns of wiki-work, to discover problems and to invent new tools for readers, editors and community organizers.

Aaron Halfaker, Research Analyst

Matthias Mullie 001 - Berlin 2012.jpg

We do open source

Matthias Mullie, Software developer