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Frequently Asked Questions for the Editing Team[edit]

What is the Editing team working on?[edit]

Go here for a summary of the features we are currently working on.

How can I request help from the Editing Team?[edit]

If you want to request any work from the team, please use Phabricator to do this. Create a ticket in Phabricator and tag it with #Editing-team which will move the ticket to the “Untriaged” column for the Editing Phab Board. The Editing team will review the tickets in this column and pick up those that they can work on.

What if the issue it’s urgent?[edit]

Reach out to Peter Pelberg or Bartosz Dziewoński directly for help.

Email: ppelberg@wikimedia.org

Email: bdziewonski@wikimedia.org

I found a bug on a discussion page for an article. Can you please check it out?[edit]

If you think you've spotted a bug, create a ticket and use the tag #Editing-team as you would any request. For bugs, please also include steps to reproduce the bug so we can test the issue.