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Documentation/Tools/Documentation metrics dashboard/Design

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This page briefly describes initial design assumptions and ideas for the documentation metrics dashboard (see the requirements for more context). It's a work in progress that we will expand as the project progresses. For additional information, see task T334839.

General design

  • Multi-page web application (as opposed to single-page application - SPA)
  • Usable with any modern browser
  • Fully functional without JavaScript in the browser, not reliant on any front-end framework for its functionality. Most processing occurs on the server.
  • Progressive enhancement - uses client-side JavaScript to selectively improve user experience
  • Asset sizes kept to a minimum
  • Fully localizable
  • Simple caching of incoming and (optionally) outgoing data - doesn't require persistence, no need for a database
  • Easy to maintain - must be simple enough to be maintained by a single person