The documentation toolkit is a set of processes and templates that you can use to create, maintain, and improve Wikimedia technical documentation.

Improve individual docs[edit]

Use checklists to review key quality indicators like content structure, accuracy, writing style, clarity, and accessibility.

Quick review

A short review process including the most important standards for good documentation

Content audit

A complete, detailed process to help you improve documentation content and organization

Style review

A review process focused on writing and style

Improve a collection of docs[edit]

Follow this process to audit a collection of docs and identify key areas for improvement.

Step 1: Determine documentation goals

Define your audience and scope your topic.

Step 2: Survey

Understand the documentation landscape and how your topic relates to others.

Step 3: Prioritize

Focus and scope your doc improvement work.

Step 4: Assess

Determine the improvements necessary to address information overload, gaps, and doc maintenance challenges.

Use templates to create documentation[edit]

Use doc outlines to create quality documentation for different content types.

Create a landing page that helps users make decisions about what content is relevant to them. Provide context, organize links into small groups, and include a communication process.

Write a how-to guide that describes the steps required to solve a real-world problem. Ensure that headings are task-oriented and examples are tested for accuracy.

Write a tutorial that teaches the reader how to complete a project. Include explicit prerequisites and numbered steps.

Create documentation for REST APIs.

Document how users should get started with or contribute to a library.

Questions and feedback[edit]

To ask a question or share feedback, leave a comment on the discussion page.