Discovery/Status updates/2017-09-11


This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-09-11



  • Gehel did quite a bit of work to implement the new version of Logstash on our servers (task T175045), thanks for the help, RobH!
  • David, Gehel and Moritz updated the elasticsearch deployment plugins to use debian packages instead of salt (task T158560)
  • Stas and David fixed an issue where Wikidata Elastic search drops results with matches with different language labels (e.g., you search in English but Spanish label matches) (task T173231)
  • The explore similar test for language links A/B test (task T175647) was turned on Sep 14 (task T175648) and will run for a week.


  • Mikhail finished up a new dashboard metric for dwell time on SERP (task T170468)
  • Chelsy finished up the final analyzation of the results of the swap2and3 search test (task T136017) and it's up on Commons.