Discovery/Status updates/2016-10-03


This is the weekly update for the week starting 2016-10-03



  • Elasticsearch doesn't offer language analyzers for every language that we have wikis in, so sometimes we fall back to a language analyzer of a (linguistically or geopolitically) related language. This can lead to unexpected effects—such as changes in the Russian language analyzer affecting Ukrainian; or changes needed for Ukrainian maybe having to be made in the Russian language analyzer, unless we special-case them by language (which could affect T146358). If you have any thoughts on this or just want to see the fallback language list, head over to the Fallback Languages page and leave a comment, or reply to the Discovery list.



(works in progress, needing code review or waiting to be released into production)

Interactive: Maps & Graphs[edit]

  • GeoJSON can now contain un-encoded SPARQL (query and ids ExternalData properties): example
  • There is now "geoshape" and "geoline" types of ExternalData - one is for polygons (e.g. cities, countries), and the other is for lines (roads, rivers). As always, make sure OpenStreetMap has WikidataID attached to be able to use them.
  • Many minor Kartographer bug fixes [1]

Events and News

Other Noteworthy Stuff

  • Deb has started integrating slowly into the Discovery Interactive Team as a quasi-Product Manager
  • Dan and Deb will split up PM duties of the Discovery Search Team in the coming weeks

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