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Board notes September 2010


  • collect links to previous documents, discussions, resource pages, etc.
  • review existing documentation: rob's pages, etc.
  • discuss with stakeholders: Chad, MW devs, engineering staff
    • ideal bug tracker? integration with MW, CodeReview, etc.
  • we should have a concrete set of requirements at the end of this


  • determine a draft workflow consistent with Rob's proposed feature development lifecycle
  • explore the implementability of this workflow with bugzilla & with (semantic?) mediawiki
    • discuss it with Guy & other bugzilla folks?
    • discuss it with Ryan Lane
  • Alolita will demo how she uses XPlanner so that we can come up with a good system for timeline tracking and chart generation
  • document, document, document everything we do, so the recommendations are traceable

Task management[edit]

Status updates and notes[edit]