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Design Research-Editing Department KIT

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This is a tri-weekly meeting between the Editing Design team and the leads of the Editing Department's teams (Collaboration, VisualEditor, Multimedia, Language, Parsing, Design) to coordinate and plan Design and Design Research work. This meeting is intended to clarify priorities, define work, schedule work, manage conflicts, share findings, and ensure Design Research and Editing stay aligned in their work. See the Meeting Standard Operating Procedure.

Last meeting 1 Jun 2017. Next Meeting 29 Jun 2017.

New Items for next meeting



  • Collaboration
    • We have five sessions completed for recent changes extended filters testing
    • Still recruiting for RC Beta satisfaction testing. Not going well.
      • Joe: From what list? Beta users. Might have Roan pull me a set of en-wiki-only.
        • Joe: yes, ask for a fresh list, getting new users every week.
    • Joe: reading notes, finding them helpful. Before Daisy finishes her report, I'll check in so she doesn't recommend things we are already doing.
  • VisualEditor
    • James: Too many bugs in VisualDiffs to test. No ETA.
    • New Wikitext Editor.
      • Will be ready for user testing at some point for new users.
      • Need to make a list of blockers, then fix blockers, then make second beta release, all before it can be tested.
      • Daisy: list of tasks? James: Basic competence: do people understand they are looking at an editor, ...? Is it as good as the old wikitext editor?
  • UX Standardization
    • No update from Volker for 1 June
    • Pending from previous meeting: Volker is going to funnel requirements of TagWidget into actionable items and gets back to Daisy and add some of the questions into RCFilters questionnaire.
  • Language
    • Daisy: completed the deck, have been bugging Amir for review before posting.
    • Pau: I've been reviewing the deck.


  • Daisy: should I be coming to more team meetings to know what's going on?
    • Pau: can be useful. Even if no specific action items, more understanding of why, how products evolve. Dailies for all teams is probably too much.
    • Which meetings? Collaboration, VisualEditor, Language.
  • Pending from previous meeting: save/publish still waiting on English and German.
    • No change but keep needling James at his request.
  • Change to design meetings?
    • Currently there are three design-related meetings in Editing:
      • this meeting, which is focused on Design research
        • Pau: not a good model for Design, since this meeting is about daisy/Design Research serving all teams, which is not the model for Design.
      • weekly designer meeting
      • bi-weekly pitch meeting, which is often canceled or repurposed.

TODOs from 1 June 2017

  • Amir needs to review Daisy's Language testing deck.
  • Volker update for UX standardization.
  • Joe to invite Daisy to weekly Collaboration
  • Joel to follow up with Pau/Amir/Runa/Daisy
  • James to invite Daisy to Monday 9 am meeting
  • Joel to move next meeting, which conflicts with Metrics, to 4 weeks from now.