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This page is a translated version of the page Cross-wiki Search Result Improvements and the translation is 20% complete.

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ディスカバリー部門は検索をかけると同じ言語のウィキメディア姉妹プロジェクトの結果も表示できないか可能性を探ってきました一般的にクロスウィキcross-wiki とかウィキ間検索inter-wiki と呼ばれる機能 。)

一例としてフランス語版ウィキボヤージュを閲覧中に「milk 」を検索したとすると、フランス語版のウィキペディアに加えて 同ウィキメディア姉妹プロジェクト(ウィクショナリーfr.wiktionaryやウィキクオートfr.wikiquote)の検索結果も、あわせて表示されるということです。


構想は異なるものの、2016年にディスカバリー部門検索チームが実現した新機能と関連があります。 2016年の機能ではローカルの言語で検索結果が2件しかヒットしなかった場合、ユーザーが入力した言語以外のウィキペディアを検索するとどうなるか、あらかじめ限定した言語版の結果を表示するものでした。 このページの主題として言語推定機能ばかりでなく、それと共存する検索結果の新しい表示法 - 同じ言語の姉妹プロジェクトの結果を含める - を取り上げます。


ウィキメディアのプロジェクトでは従来、検索に基本原則がありました。各プロジェクトの言語版ごとに独自の索引があり、検索に使っていました。 そのためすべてのウィキプロジェクトを対象にして 同時に 検索をかけ、関連のある結果を得ることは不可能だったのです。 ところがバックエンドから見ると(プロジェクトは異なっても)検索する言語は共通で、ユーザーは同じ言語の姉妹プロジェクトの情報にも興味があるのではないかと考えられたのです。

Providing search results across projects (within the same language) provides more information to visitors, easier visibility into other projects, and increases the value Wikimedia visitors receive out of searching on-wiki, which includes the potential for less zero result searches.

Displaying additional search results across projects will not only increase visibility to those other sister projects but it could also increase discovery into more articles of interest and possibly even encouraging additional contributions.

Why haven't we done this already?

existing search results page on enwiki

Why not have one giant index to search across all projects in all languages?

  • Technical complexity is one reason: the size of the resulting index would be in the hundreds of gigabytes. For example, the English Wikipedia database index of all article pages is around 200 gigabytes. Providing search results quickly would be negatively impacted if having just one very large database index.
  • Another reason for this 'one language' search results approach is that it probably wouldn't be very useful to search for a topic across all languages. Searching for "Paris, France" and seeing generally the same article in French, German, and English wouldn't help very much in discovering new information.

The English language wiki projects are quite large:

  • English Wikipedia index for all English article pages is approximately 200 GB
  • English Wikinews is approximately 15 GB
  • English Wikisource is approximately 6 GB

This might impact various existing wiki workflows by displaying additional search results.

  • This could possibly affect bots, contributors, researchers, readers, etc.


In the first quarter (July - September 2016) the engineering team will continue to work on the following four main steps:


  • Combine indexes within the same languages. (タスク T139498) 未完了 部分的に完了
  • Ask for the help from the community - which includes the discussion on this page. (タスク T137312) YesY 完了
  • The Search and Design teams at WMF will create mockups of how these new search results might be displayed. YesY 完了


By the end of the next quarter (October - December 2016) the team will compare search satisfaction. This will be done:


In the this quarter (January - March 2017), we will:

  • begin A/B testing for the front end of this new feature for analysis and feedback from the community. (タスク T145917) 進行中 進行中
  • continue to refine and enhance the back end for this feature 進行中 進行中
  • First A/B/C test was run and found to be not very conclusive (タスク T149806) YesY 完了
  • Second A/B test will be run, after fixing a minor UI bug and adding four more Wikipedias to test on, for a total of eight. (タスク T160004) 未完了 部分的に完了


April - June 2017:

  • wrap up analysis of the second A/B test for the sister projects snippets in the search results page (タスク T160008) 未完了 部分的に完了
  • release translated note to Village Pumps announcing the production deployment (タスク T162276) 進行中 進行中
  • release blog post about search
  • release into production on all Wikipedias


There are already a few community-led solutions to provide additional discovery of other Wikimedia projects and articles in the same language. Here is a small collection of examples:

Current search results pages for a few language wikis:

External Search Gadget:

How could these additional search results be displayed?

The appearance of search results is open for discussion and we have some rough drafts for you to look at below with more design possibilities on Design. Here are a few examples of what a new search results page could look like based on existing solutions on other language wikis:

Help us choose the solution

Please provide your feedback now!


The team has many questions and this is what we'd like to request feedback on from the community:

  1. How do we want these new, additional, relevant search results to be displayed?
    1. Should the results from whatever wiki you're on to be shown first and then have an option to show more from other wikis?
    2. Should the additional results be inter-mixed with the local wiki results?
    3. Should the additional results be displayed off to the side (or maybe the bottom) of the results page?
    4. Should we have the option to turn off these other relevant search results (a user and/or project opt-out)?
      • This could be a keyword search term or maybe a button for a visitor to click
      • This could also be similar to the local: keyword that will only search for images on the local wiki and not Commons files, for instance.
    5. Would the additional results be best displayed as a list or a grid design?
    6. Should we include relevant metadata (images and/or a short description) with the search results?
    7. Do the results need to have the size of the article (i.e.: 848 bytes (104 words)) and the date it was created/modified?
    8. Should we indicate that clicking on a result will take you to another wiki project?
    9. How many results from other wikis should we show - 1, 2, 3, or more?
    10. Should we limit the existing method of displaying results from the wiki that you searched on?
      • We currently show up to 10,000 results in a paginated manner, but testing shows that generally only the first 3 results are ever acted upon.
  2. Do we want these new search results to work across all Wikimedia projects?
    1. For example, if I'm on Wikiquote, do I want to also see relevant search results from Wikivoyage, Wikipedia or Wikinews?
    2. Or, if I'm on Wikipedia, just show me results from other projects?
  3. Would these other relevant search results be useful and encourage deeper exploration into various topics?
    1. Is it annoying to see the other wiki search results?
    2. Conversely, does it encourage a user to discover more knowledge?
    3. How much weight do we give results from other wiki projects in the results?
  4. Will the display of the additional search results from other wikis encourage contributions from editors?
    1. i.e.: if you search for Piazza del Duomo and don't see a Wikivoyage article about it (while I'm searching on Wikiquote), would that encourage you to start an article for it?
  5. Should we limit the amount of languages we search in?
    1. i.e.: only use the top 50 languages to implement this in?
    2. Or, only use the languages that we are detecting queries in an other language than the wiki the user is on?


Phabricator tickets:

Discussion notes:

A/B Testing

After taking into account community feedback and design team recommendations, we'll start A/B testing soon. View this page for more information.

Self-guided testing

This page was created to encourage users to do their own testing, via a self-guided testing page with examples for those not-so-technical and those that have a Wikipedia account and are a little more experienced.