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< Lead Image Suggestion API

  • Help readers contribute to Wikimedia projects by providing lead images for articles that don't have one
Target Group(s):
  • Contributors
  • Android
  • Research
  • (Contributors) Suggested tasks to start contributing to Wikimedia projects
  • (Android) A list of pages on a wiki that need a lead images
  • (Android) A list of suggested lead images for an article
  • (Research) An implementation of the lead image suggestion algorithm
  • Implementation of algorithm by Research that determines good lead images by looking at other articles on the same topic in different languages
  • API endpoint with list of pages that need a lead images
  • API endpoint with list of images that might make a good lead image for an article
Aligned Goals:
  • Software platforms with integrated machine learning, rich media, and structured data components, and associated tooling for internal and external development and reuse of code and content.
  • Tooling for contributors is easy to use, well-documented, and accessible to users, increasing engagement and contribution.