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< Eliminate Node 6

  • Node version 6 is not installed on WMF cluster
  • All services run on modern nodejs
  • PETeam
  • SRE
  • Maps/Graphoid/other
  • Node 6 has hit EOL several years ago; it does not receive even security updates
  • Most of the services were moved to node 10 as part of k8s migration
  • A few services like graphoid (being decommissioned) and RESTBase were left out of k8s, and are still running node 6 on bare metal
  • One service, kartotherian/tilerator, was left out of k8s but moved to node 10
  • Needing support for node 6 in shared libraries forces us to use very outdated, potentially insecure dependencies.
  • Move the remaining services to node 10 and drop node 6 from production cluster
Aligned Goals:
  • Platform stability and security. Running outdated software that does not receive security updates, especially accessible via public internet is a huge security flaw.