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JSPWiki2mediaWiki is a java application. It converts JSPWiki to MediaWIki. It adds text files from JSPWiki and their attachments into your mediawiki website.

DRAFT code available here


I would like to thank the company ARTAL Technologies in Labège, France. They allowed me to put the program I made during my work experience onto the Internet.


Before starting the conversion you must download the Perl script to convert the JSPWiki syntax to mediawiki.
You can find it at this address: Extension:JSPWiki2MediaWiki

For mediawiki in French I have already written patches : [1]

As the script author says, this conversion is not perfect. You will probably have some surprises you have to fix on your own.

I hope you are trying to install mediawiki in GNU/Linux because the script is not really operational in Windows.

Notice for non English people: the script is made for JSPWiki articles in English. There are problems with the special characters (for French people for instance). After the conversion you may change the encoding of your text files to UTF-8.

When you have the group of text files in mediawiki you can start to read the next paragraphs.

How to use this application?[edit]

Download the sources of the application : [2]

First you have to move the articles (mediawiki format) into a folder named files in the Java application classpath. Then move the folder named JSPWikiattachments into the classpath too.

Notice: Check that you don’t have any “%” in the folder names in JSPWikiattchments. They caused a crash during the execution for me.

Before using the application you must edit

  • LOGIN: the administrator mediawiki administrator login
  • MDP: his password
  • RACINE: the root folder of mediawiki website
  • NAVIGATOR: BrowserVersion.FIREFOX_2. Application just test with this value.
  • EXT: the text files contain the articles must have as name: the title of the articles and an extension (.txt for exp). You have to specify the extension in this constant in order to allow the Java application to know the titles the articles.
  • ARTICLES: the folder name which contains the text files.
  • DOCUMENTS: folder for the attachements
  • CONFABSPATH: absolute pass a classpath folder (you have to put your articles and attchements in)

You can now make the conversion.


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