Continuous integration meetings/2015-09-01/Minutes


#wikimedia-office: CI weekly triage[edit]

Meeting started by hashar at 14:00:49 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting summary[edit]

  • Wikidata and composer (hashar, 14:31:18)
    • composer-merge-plugin no more blocking. Jan lacks time to convert the existing jobs though (hashar, 14:31:38)
  • Jobs compatibility with old release branches (hashar, 14:32:43)
    • Conversion to generic composer/npm jobs cause jobs to fails on release branches that are not ready for it yet (hashar, 14:33:44)
    • AGREED: hashar to emit a proposal to wikitech-l to bring npm/composer support to REL branches. (hashar, 14:37:31)
  • Unique entry point (make test? ) (hashar, 14:38:36)
    • Pro: offers liberty to dev, Con: does not let us ensure the proper jobs are running (such as npm/composer based) (hashar, 14:39:08)
    • Jan points npm/composer can be badly configured. legoktm dashboard shows the tools being used (hashar, 14:41:17)
    • LINK: legoktm dashboard (hashar, 14:41:22)
    • LINK: legoktm dashboard source code (hashar, 14:41:31)
    • alternative to a make file would be using a config file that says something like npm=yes, composer=no. i.e. you could enable individual entry points. (jzerebecki, 14:42:57)
    • Paladox proposed a lot of changes to mediawiki repositories and CI config. Have to test each of them individually before approval though :-/ (hashar, 14:48:40)
    • AGREED: jzerebecki to fill a task requesting to make it easier to run composer/npm on repo that are not configured yet (using Zuul experimental pipeline) (hashar, 14:51:05)
    • Already solved by legoktm ! npm / composer-tests are in experimental (hashar, 14:52:15)
  • Next meeting (hashar, 14:53:16)
    • AGREED: Next meeting on Tuesday September 8th at 16:00 CET (14:00 UTC) (hashar, 14:53:33)

Meeting ended at 14:56:29 UTC.

Action items[edit]

  • In Phabricator rename project CI-Integration-Isolation to CI-Integration-Scaling

People present (lines said)[edit]

  • hashar (42)
  • wm-labs-meetbot (3)
  • jzerebecki (3)
  • zeljkof-meeting (2)