Inhoud vertaling

This page is a translated version of the page Content translation and the translation is 25% complete.
Inhoud vertaalhulpmiddel geeft een waarschuwing weer wanneer een gebruiker teveel vertrouwd op geautomatiseerde vertalingen
Introduction to Content translation

Het inhoudsvertaling hulpmiddel laat bewerkers toe om vertalingen te creëren net langs het originele artikel en vergemakkelijkt de saaie stappen: tekst kopiëren over verschillende browser tabbladen, het opzoeken van corresponderende links en categorieën, ... . Door het voorzien van een vloeiende ervaring kunnen vertalers hun tijd beter richten op het maken van kwalitatieve inhoud die natuurlijk aanvoelt in de taal.

The tool, while still in active development, is available for you to try and has been used already to create thousands of articles resulting in reported improvements in translators' productivity.[1][2] Content Translation integrates tools such as dictionaries or machine translation services. Those are not supported in all languages, but the tool can be extended to include more.

Content Translation complements the existing Translate extension: while text from Wikipedia menus and other user interface elements are translated and kept in sync by the community using Translate, Wikipedia content can be translated using Content Translation.

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Probeer het hulpmiddel

U kunt het hulpmiddel gebruiken van Wikipedia in elke taal. Gebruikt van de eerste keer zal het ook mogelijk maken het hulpmiddel van die wiki toe te passen.

Content translation is available in Wikipedia in all languages for logged-in users. In some languages it must be enabled as a beta feature, and in others it is a usual user preference enabled by default. When it is enabled, you will see additional entry points to easily start a translation from your "contributions" page or from the list of languages of Wikipedia articles when they are missing in your language.

If you had any issue with the tool or you just want to share the experience with the tool, please provide feedback at the talk page.

Scermcast toont hoe de inhoud vertaling te gebruiken

What's new

  • Section translation project will increase the capabilities of Content translation.

Translators will be able to expand existing articles by translating a new section on mobile and desktop. Section translation is part of the Boost initiative, where you can participate and track progress.

  • User documentation for Content Translation is reorganized (still in progress).

Check the new help documents and help to make them better.

Doel van het hulpmiddel

Content Translation allows you to create an initial version of a Wikipedia page based on an existing version from a different language. The tool is focused on transferring and adapting content from an existing article to a new one in a different language. It allows editors to reuse as much or as little content for their initial version to later keep editing it with their usual editing tools.

We expect that Content Translation will help to expand the sum of the human knowledge to more languages. The tool is targeted to users that know two or more languages.

For current editors the tool will simplify the process of translating content. Currently, about 15% of users also edit a second language edition. These multilingual users were found to be more prolific than their monolingual counterparts, making about 2.3 times as many edits on average.[3] In addition, the tool is aimed at attracting new editors who may benefit from a way of contributing that is easier than creating a new page from scratch.

The tool was designed according to the following principles:

  • Save time. Help translators to create content quickly, without unnecessary copy & paste to external tools.
  • Provide assistance. Prevent errors, and make the user confident of their translations.
  • Encourage quality of translations. The tool should properly communicate the purpose of translations in Wikimedia context and help the user to avoid bad quality translations.
  • Don’t force the user. Since different translators follow different editing patterns, the aids provided should not intrude into the editing process.
  • Focus on content. Translation is more focused on content than text styling. Technical elements such as wikitext should be dealt in a way that do not make the translation harder.

How to participate

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