Content translation/Deployments/Labs


This page will contain all information related to ContentTranslation extension on Labs.

Client and server[edit]


  1. To test your patch (on both ContentTranslation extension and server), you can "cherry pick" patch from Gerrit.
  2. You should disable cron by commenting entries using `crontab -e` before it.
  3. Make sure that git is pointing to HEAD after test is done and cron is enable again.


  1. cxserver log is accessible using `sudo service cxserver status` or `sudo journalctl -u cxserver.service -b`


  1. Restart cxserver: sudo service cxserver restart
  2. Check if cron is working properly, /cxserver code should be on git HEAD at any point of time.
  3. Reboot instance via, (access required).