Content translation/Deployments/Checklist


This is checklist to follow before cxserver is deployed in Production:


  1. All automated tests are passed.
  2. Test configuration in Labs/Beta.


  1. Check all endpoints: /v1?doc
  2. Start translation with CX1 from master with to be deployed cxserver. Test against patches going to be in production.


  1. Check all endpoints: /v2?doc



  1. Apertium package in Labs instance (language-apertium) OK? In case of new package, install it manually.
  2. Check if pair is single directional or bi-directional?
  3. Mapping is added in cxserver/lib/mt/Apertium.languagenames.json for new language.

External MTs[edit]

  1. Test with provided keys (if any).
  2. Check in dashboard (if any).
  3. Logstash log some errors for external MTs.


  1. Patch for cxserver/deploy is built without any error. Default build system is Debian Jessie at moment. Note down any error(s) and follow up.
  2. When not intended, do not update node_modules (--force option)
  3. Patch is deployed in Beta and and end points are OK.
  4. No errors during deployment to canary. Else stop and revert the deployment.

Post deployment[edit]

  1. End-points are OK.
  2. Watch logstash:
  3. Test CX1 and CX2 again in Production.
  4. Watch: [Broken Link T211982]

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