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Team goals[edit]

Goal Measurement of Success ETA Dependency Status
Goal 1 - Focus: Continued clarification of community engagement in product development
  • Checklist for steps in engaging with communities in product stages
  • Proposal for product prioritization which includes communities
  • 2/15
  • Product Teams
Goal 2 - Strengthen: Improving translations support and engagement
  • 3/31
  • 3/31
  • Community participation
Goal 3 - Experiment: Improved engagement between product teams and communities
  • Monthly casual roundtables to promote connection/collaboration between product teams and communities
  • at least 1 IRC office hours with all audience vertical heads to discuss product planning/strategy
  • Integration of community members into UX conversations in Reading
  • 3/31
  • 2/15
  • 3/31
  • Community participation
  • Product team leads
Goal 4 - Core: Maintaining current workflows
  • 3/31
  • 3/15
  • 1/31
  • Product teams

Individual goals[edit]

Goal Key result ETA Dependency Ticket
Do a mini research on best practices for product decision making in like-minded movements or platforms End of Q3 T121648
Explore a process for UX/UI discussion End of Q3 T121648
Expand community base, reach out to different audience using different venues. End of Q3 T121648
Explore if Reading can help avail Wikipedia for refugees in camps in Jordan End of Q3 T113610
Explore a process for products decision making, and how to fix and align existing old products with these practices End of Q3 T121650
Goal Key result ETA Dependency Status
Improve liaison between communities and developers, when there is no CL dedicated time - work on best practices for communities and developers to talk to each other Started
Work on unifying product documentation to make it easier to share, translate and edit
Goal Key result ETA Dependency Status
Supporting release of VE to non-English Wikipedias (especially Phase 6 ones); supporting conversations around single tab elsewhere The visual editor reaches more and more wikis; communities are informed of the SET change. End of Q3 Editing devs Started
Decreasing the number of Wikipedias with 0% progress in translations related to VE (focusing on interface messages, especially for Phase 6 wikis) Translation progress for at least one Wikipedia which can be correlated to outreach efforts. February In-progress
Kickstarting new feedback practices, like the centralization of VE feedback on  The visual editor board on is now considered as a central, well attended place to request help. February Editing devs Started
Start supporting the Education team with Dashboard-related work Make it easier for the Edu team and the team involved in the Dashboard development to socialize related work February Started
Goal Key result ETA Dependency Status
Internal work on product design and development principles and process Design and development principles published February 2016 C-level review and sign-off Third draft
Onboarding new hire Develop and document a "different" method of working with a product team starting with a new staff member working with the Discovery team April 2016 New hire start, end Jan. 2016
Help teams without dedicated CL support Rename more wikis, a low impact but high importance convention April 2016 Developer time In-progress
Goal Key result ETA Dependency Status
Work with Erica to offer the single edit tab to multiple Wikipedias Offers to enable it are made on wiki before April 2016 VisualEditor devs Started
Expand the user guide to describe bi-directional switching from VisualEditor to the wikitext editor (phab:T117436) New section in Help:VisualEditor/User guide February 2016
Goal Key result ETA Dependency Status
Goal Key result ETA Dependency Status
Find a strategy for effective Community Liaison support of the Community Tech team. We have formulated
  • division of work
  • how and when to communicate
  • expectation
2016-03-31 Started
Make it easier for the community to participate in writing Tech News by documenting deadlines, reasons we include or don't include things and things to think about when writing. New document with all

the things that don't belong

in the current manual.

2016-03-31 Started
Find a strategy for more volunteer translations without adding to workload of current translators or getting editors to abandon content creation on the content wikis. Strategy presented. 2016-03-31 Started