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The Collaboration team converted to Phabricator for project management shortly after it launched.

Prior to that we were using Mingle then Trello (Trello (and Trello backlog).


Our main board is phab:tag/collaboration-team/. For each sprint, we create a dedicated sprint board, in alphabetical order (e.g. phab:/tag/Collaboration-Team-Sprint-S-2015-03-25/); these are linked from the "Sprint Boards" section of here. We use the Sprint extension.

Mingle conversion to Trello (February 2014)[edit]

Flow Mingle project[edit]


  • stories
  • tasks (mainly Oliver and quiddity)
  • bugs (automatically loaded from bugzilla)

Tasks and bugs can have a related story and then appear on that story card.

Status lanes[edit]

Ready for Analysis - In Design - Ready for Development - In Development - Awaiting Final Code Review - In Testing - Accepted

Trello first-cut[edit]

spage and Maryana discussed this Friday December 27. Two boards

Flow current iteration Not ready yet
one board for stories and bugs we want to GET DONE in the current iteration. Like Mingle, tasks move left-to-right, and engineers pick tasks from right to left, top-to-bottom.
Flow backlog readying for import
This is a combination of backlog, tasks "In design" for the next iteration, and other tasks for the next iteration. Like , which has In analysis - Ready for Estimates - Ready for Development.

Status of import from Mingle[edit]

In 2014-01

  • Maryana imported all stories "that seemed remotely actionable" to Flow backlog

On 2014-01-08

On 2014-01-14

On 2014-01-28

  • S migrated everything in Mingle's "Current Iteration" that wasn't Accepted into Trello.
  • The Flow current iteration board contains stuff we intend to complete by February Feb 7.
  • S arbitrarily moved many of the Ready for Development cards into the Flow backlog board , in the "Sprint backlog" column for re-prioritization along with incoming bugs.
Still to import
card 638

Trello differences and possibilities[edit]

Only cards[edit]

  • No relation between them, though a checklist can reference card #NNN
  • Multiple checklists per card
    • Main one is Acceptance criteria
    • Could have a design checklist
  • Can assign people to cards, but can't assign people to checklist
  • Six colors of cards available
    • Product management (green) ,Community/BA (yellow), Next oteration (orange),bugs (red), Design (purple), blue (Engineering/QA)
    • Echo had: Testing/Deployment (brown) - Bugs (red) - Interface Design (purple) - Front-end Development (blue) - Back-end/Queuing Development (yellowy-green) - Product Management (green)

Status lanes[edit]

Default Trello columns are

To Do - Doing - Done

We could duplicate all our Mingle lanes, but moving cards around is busywork that developers forget to do. The thing that counts is Patches merged in gerrit.

Echo had

Backlog - Product Management - Design in Progress - Dev Ready - In Development - Needs Code Review - Ready to Deply - Deployed - Done

Mobile adds Code Review lane.

Story points: put them in the title in parentheses offers Chrome and Firefox extension that lets you set story points and adds them up

Multiple boards[edit]

Instead of unwieldy Backlog column (hundreds of items) we could have a separate Flow backlog board.

Mobile has a board per iteration

Story import[edit] is a Google Spreadsheet that imports into Mingle

  • Iteration maps to Due date
  • Name becomes title
  • Story points becomes (NN) in title
  • Description becomes user story (description) + acceptance columns

Tasks: As above

  • Task type becomes a color