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In this example, 1.29.0-wmf.9 stands for the newly cut branch that you want to generate notes for, and 1.29.0-wmf.8 for the branch that precedes it.

  • Get the make-deploy-notes script
    • git clone
    • The script is in the make-deploy-notes/ directory
  • Open the deployment planning page in VisualEditor or the wikitext editor, whichever you prefer
  • Run the script for each extension you care about, and for MW core
    • cd to the MW core or relevant extension directory
    • git fetch
    • If the branch has been cut already, run
      • php path/to/make-deploy-notes/make-deploy-notes origin/wmf/1.29.0-wmf.8 origin/wmf/1.29.0-wmf.9
    • If the branch has not been cut yet, run
      • php path/to/make-deploy-notes/make-deploy-notes origin/wmf/1.29.0-wmf.8 origin/master
    • The output will contain a list of items like * {{git|5562158d}} - <nowiki>Add i18n/api/ to banana config</nowiki>. Either copy this entire list into the editor (common for extensions), or select relevant individual list items to copy into the editor (common for MW core).
    • VisualEditor automatically parses pasted wikitext, but it tends to nest list items one level too deep so you'll probably need to fix that up. If you're using the wikitext editor, you'll probably need to add an additional level of indentation.
    • Annotate each list item with the repo that it came from, and add the list items to the "New features / bigger changes", "Bug fixes" and "No user impact" sections as appropriate. Follow the format used for previous branches.
  • List of extensions we currently care about, for the purposes of this page:
    • Echo
    • Flow
    • Thanks
    • PageTriage
    • ORES
    • MW core (rcfilters-related changes only)