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For approving the Code of Conduct, we've used a process similar to the one used for approving other Wikimedia behavioral policies. These types of policies generally start as a draft, then evolve through discussion and/or voting on the talk page, as shown below.

This page contains an overview of the consensus process for each section of the Code of Conduct. Below, there are links to the approval discussions for each part of the Code of Conduct. Cases where discussions rejected parts of the section, or produced multi-phase discussions, are also shown. Links to discussions that led to approving part of the text are bolded, even if the text was amended later.

Please update or ask for clarification if there are any omissions.


Code of Conduct[edit]

Introduction (brief lead text before "Principles")[edit]


Unacceptable behavior[edit]

Report a problem[edit]

  • Finalize "Report a problem" section? (consensus reached on the section, with a follow-up section)
  • "All reports will be processed confidentially" (consensus reached to change confidentiality pointer to “Reports are processed confidentially. For more information, see Confidentiality.”)
  • Enforcement issues (consensus reached on removing "Project administrators and maintainers have the right and are expected to take action on any communication or contribution that violates this Code of Conduct." and replacing "Report the problem to the administrators, maintainers, or designated contacts of the space where the problem is happening." with "If you are at an event, report the problem to the event organizers, or a designated contact.")

Code of Conduct/Cases[edit]

Code of Conduct/Committee[edit]

Introduction (lead text before "Diversity")[edit]


Conflict of interest[edit]


Creation and renewal of the Committee[edit]

Code of Conduct/Amendments[edit]