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Attendees: Guillaume, Kosta, Daniel, Zeljko, JR


  • JR: Not much progress on the addition of the extensions to the code health pipeline, should be able to spend time on that this week.
  • JR: Code Health Code Review WG starting tomorrow
  • JR: Code Helath Office Hours - Circular Dependencies tomorrow
    • Daniel to send out reminder.
    • We will look to record for internal/WMF consumption
  • Guillaume:  What kind of feedback have we been getting?  Are people using SQ/C?
    • Kosta: people are using it and it appears to be providing value.  It would make sense to get a more formal feedback cycle going.Kosta:
  • Kosta: Discussion about Marking False Positives
  • Daniel: Phester feeddback
  • Why use YAML which is declarative vs just in PHP?
    • No PHP knowledge necessary
    • It's declarative so, no loops etc...
    • ...
  • Progress in the Unit/Integration test split
    • Settled on two vs three types of tests due to the lack of consensus on three
      • Tests that don't need DB but do need globals, tests that don't need either.  The prior is what we are determining as actual "Unit Tests"
    • Amir's been converting the existing tests and is at about 10%
    • Past attempts to distiguish between tests types have struggled
      • Need to make sure that tests actually fail if they don't meet the requirements of that kind of test
      • Need to be able to run tests locally like you would in CI
        • Test would work locally (because they had a DB) and fail in CI which was frustrating.