Code Health Group/projects/Code Health Metrics/meeting notes/20190506



Attendees: Zeljko, Guillaume, Daniel, JR, Kosta, Piotr


* Hackathon - Code Health Metrics

** 20-30 min for prez and the rest for discussion

*** JR to start creating a presentation

** What we'e been working on and why

*** Why this vs exsiting tooling?

*** Why are you telling me how to code?

** Submitting a patch and going through the lifecycle (submitting, analysis, quality gate)

*** This would include the "getting started" information.

*** Working with Tyler to get this finished before the Hackathon

** Help that we need

** Post session availability (office hours)?

*** Kosta and JR

** Daniel to schedule a session on Cycle Dependencies

*** Less about metrics, more about what it is, how to avoid, and how to address.

*** Decided it made sense to break this out from the Code Health Metrics session as it's not so much about metric or tooling.  It's also an important enough topic that warrants it's own block of time.