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Attendees: Kosta, Zeljko, Guillaume, JR

* Zeljko to check with Antoine about the pending merges.

** Zeljko to test changes offline if needed.

* Guillaume showed example of failed Quality Gate in SonarCloud :

* Zeljko to start working on the reporting SonarQube back to Gerrit.  First phase is to just report the quality gate failure with a link to SonarCloud.  

** As a second phase, we would like have the actual lines that failed posted to Gerrit.  This would avoid having to leave Gerrit to perform the review.  The primary concern is that there would be too much noise in Gerrit from SQ.  We'll just need to make sure that we adjust the profiles accordinly.  

* Need to start preparing for the All-hands presentation.  

** 5 minute lightening talk at Tech-Demo meeting this Thursday would be a good first pass.  

*** Zeljko and Kosta to pull something together to present.  Presentation working dock at: