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HLHJ (talkcontribs)
  • Tables
  • Scatterplots (ideally with equations of fitted lines)
  • Fiddle plot (like a box plot, but better)
  • Ternary plots (widely used in geology)
  • Sankey diagrams (flows of anything: energy, ocean currents, economic transfers, troop movements, narrative plots of novels...)
  • Blobbograms (mostly used in medicine)
  • Funnel plots (publication bias)
  • Carpet plots (ideally, such that they could also be used to plot topographic data, with stacked transparent sheets carrying images... this one would be really complex)
Yurik (talkcontribs)

Thanks for a great list! I created a more generic wishlist item to improve graphs/charts/interactive content. Could you help with improving that suggestion, so that we have a more convincing topic before the voting starts? Thanks!

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