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Parser extensions change or enhance the way MediaWiki interprets Wiki markup. At a high level they can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Adding standard token types: The standard approach to customized MediaWiki markup is to add new markup that looks like the built-in MediaWiki XML tags (‎<tag>), template ({{...}}), or link markup ([[...]]). For examples, please see:
  1. Adding custom token types: Some extensions define new token types.

For examples, please see Category:Extended syntax extensions .

  1. Fundamental changes to the parser: A few extensions attempt fundamentally change the parsing strategy so that markup from other sorts of wikis and content management can be used (must be used?) instead of the standard wiki markup. Like token changes, one must implement these extensions by adding functions to the parser and page output hooks. For examples, please see Category:Extended syntax extensions.

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