Building Wikipedia Gadgets Made Easy: A MediaWiki Workshop


A 2 hour wikipedia userscripts / gadgets workshop at GNUnify 2013, held at SICSR, Pune on 17th February 2013.


The Wikipedia community needs small bits of web tech that make the site better for lots of users. We'll take people who know wiki stuff and also a little programming stuff, and have them be able to write code for Wikipedia.


Please bring your laptops! This is a hands on session, and you'll be creating things!

  • Basic grasp of Javascript, CSS
  • An account on Wikipedia
  • A modern browser (preferably Chrome, but Firefox with Firebug will also do)

What will you have learnt at the end of it?[edit]

  • Understanding how user scripts work
  • Be able to use the MediaWiki API appropriately
  • Improve your own wiki experience / experience for your language wikipedia by writing scripts

Lesson Plan[edit]

  • Environment (JS, Dev Toolbar, Common.js, importScript)
  • Data (API, API Sandbox, actions)
  • Accessing Data from the Environment (AJAX concepts, mw.API, mw.loader.using)


Yuvi Panda, Sucheta Ghoshal, Harsh Kothari