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Aw yer bug ar belang til me!

All bugs in the MediaWiki software should be reported at Phabricator is also the place to request new features or enhancements to the software, while Bugzilla is the abandoned bug tracking software.

Whit is Bugzilla?

Fer mair information, see the Wikipædia airticle oan Bugzilla.

Bugzilla is aen oanline bug-trackin tuil, deveelopt bi the Mozilla Foundation, n is the system that we uise tae track aw apen issues wi MediaWiki.

The raison that we uise Bugzilla is that it permits the deveelopers tae easilie fynd, track n tauk aneat issues, tae spot dupleecates n ulteematelie tae resolve thaim.

Wikimedia's bug tracker is uissuallie referred til aes "BugZilla". Aulder referances micht crie it "MediaZilla".

Reportin ae bug or speirin fer ae featur

Please see Hou tae report oan ae bug.


Bugzilla comments ar plain tex; ye canna uise HTML. Houever, Bugzilla will autæmateeclie cræft hyperlinks in thir waas:

Link til:

Bug report
bug 1234
comment 7. Can be combined wi bug ava: bug 1234 comment 7
attachment 4321
SVN commits
r1234 (link til the luikower shawn in Code luikower (throoch Special:Code/MediaWiki))
Chynge sets in Gerrit
gerrit change 1234
The recognised format fer chtngeset nummer is gerrit(\ change(set)?)?\ ?\#?(\d+).
Newlines added bi bugzilla break the autælinkin, aes uissual. Techneecal details: see rules.

Mair info: Hints n Tips. Fae The Bugzilla Guide. Gang thaur fer the latest version.

Wabsteid links wiin Bugzilla comments

Ful URLs


MediaWiki-style internal links

Thay ar supportit. Bi defaut thay point til Ingils Wikipædia. Interwiki prefixes ar supportit ava, n wairk aes uissual, stairtin fae [[de:Sandbox]] will link til the German Wikipædia, n sae oan.

Uisin pipes fer ae differant label disna wairk. Fer example; [[link|name]] isna supportit n will na cræft ae link.

Section links wairk ava, bit ye need tae insert thaim richt: the simplest waa is tae copie the URL fae the location baur o yer brouser, n add brackets roond the pairt o it efter wiki/, e.g. [[MediaWiki#Editing_interface]] tae link Eeditin interface (techneeclie: the section link haes tae be URL-encoded awreadie).

Langer interwiki links need tae be oan thair ain line, itherwise thay'r split ower twa lines n will na be linkified. Gif aen interwiki link is na recognised, add ae colon : afore it (e.g. [[:MeatBall:Whitever]]).

Aes o late, non-local interwikis wairk ava.


Why maun Ah register?

We need ye tae register tae uise Bugzilla. This is primarilie sae that we can contact ye gif thaur's further speirins aneat yer bug haun-in. Fer example, gif ae deveeloper canna repleecate yer proablem thay will speir ye fer mair information. Bi defaut ye'll get e-mail annooncemants whan thaur's acteevitie oan yer bug reports.

Foreby, ye can add/remove yersel fae onie bug report (incluidin reports cræftit bi ither uisers).

Ye can chynge yer preferances tae speceefie whan Bugzilla shid (n shidna) send emails til ye. Tae chynge yer preferances, log in oan Bugzilla n clap oan yer email address at the tap richt o the page.

Hou dae Ah register?

Registerin is simple n free. Clap oan the "cræft accoont" link at the tap richt o the page, enter yer e-mail address (n optionlie yer real name) n clap oan "create account". Than simplie log in uisin the passwaird that ye get in the confirmation e-mail (this can be chynged in yer preferances yince ye'v loggit in). Whan loggin in enter yer email address in the login form oan onie Bugzilla page.

Mynd that new uisers ar preventit fae takin certain actions bi defaut, like claisin or assignin tickets. This is mair tae protect again spam. Ye can get thir richts bi parteecipatin in the tracker in ither waas, or bi speirin fer thaim oan IRC.

Hou tae skauk yer email address

Please mynd that (onlike oan Wikimedia waurks) yer email address will be veesible oan the threeds that ye parteecipate in, n oan threed CC leets that ye'v added yersel til. It is veesible til awbodie wha's loggit in. It's na veesible til fawk that'r na loggit in. Yer email address canna be skaukt fae loggit-in readers.

It is possible tae cræft aen addeetional wab-based e-mail address, n than set it tae forewaird email til yer main email address. This prevents exposure o yer main email address. Google Mail (Gmail) permits free email forewairdin. Ye can autæmateeclie forewaird email fae yin Gmail accoont til anither Gmail accoont, or til onie email accoont.

Ye can chynge yer email address or name at onietime oan Bugzilla. Thay ar than chynged in aw bug threeds that ye parteeceepatit in. Sae gif ye decide at ae later date tae skauk yer main email address or name ye can still dae sae.

Why can Ah na report bugs oan the wiki?

You can report bugs bi writin thaim in chauk oan the fitpath ava. Houever, gif ye want ae deveeloper tae dae sommit aneat it than ye need tae pit it somewhaur that thay'r likelie tae see it, like Bugzilla.

Hou dae Ah link til ae bug?

Gif ye want tae cræft ae link fae ae wiki page til ae Bugzilla report, uise [[bugzilla:XXX]], whaur XXX is the nummer o the bug report. Fer example [[bugzilla:4198]] will gie ye the follaein link: bugzilla:4198.

Ye can uise the {{bugzilla}} template ava, fer example {{bugzilla|4198}} will gie ye bug 4198. In some wikis, ye can uise {{tracked|4198}}, and foreby {{Resolved}} whan the bug report haes been maurkt aes fixt.

Whit dae the priority n severity fields mean?

See Bugzilla/Fields#Priority (Prioritie) n Bugzilla/Fields#Severity (Sevritie).

Whit dis the Status field mean? (NEW, RESOLVED, etc.)

See the field description. NEW is yin o the statuses that aen apen bug micht hae ava.

Why can't I claim a bug or mark it resolved?

You need the "editbugs" permission, which can be granted by any person who already has it - which is most developers. Please ask in the #mediawiki IRC channel, and someone will grant it to you very quickly.

How do I grant someone the editbugs permission?

Go to the editusers interface and search for their email address, then click on their entry in the result list. You should see a checkbox next to the "editbugs" label. Check it, then click on "save changes". All done!


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