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All bugs in the MediaWiki software should be reported at phabricator.wikimedia.org. Phabricator is also the place to request new features or enhancements to the software, while Bugzilla is the abandoned bug tracking software.



Bugzilla is an online bug-tracking tool, developed by the Mozilla Foundation, and is the system we use to track all open issues with MediaWiki.




How to report a bug を参照してください。


Bugzilla comments are plain text; you cannot use HTML. However, Bugzilla will automatically make hyperlinks in these ways:


bug 1234
comment 7 / バグと併せて指定することもできます: bug 1234 comment 7
attachment 4321
SVN コミット
r1234 (リビジョンへのリンクについては Code review (Special:Code/MediaWiki を使用します))
Gerrit 内の変更セット
gerrit change 1234
変更セット番号の有効な書式は gerrit(\ change(set)?)?\ ?\#?(\d+) です。
Bugzilla が改行を追加することで、通常は自動リンクが破損します。技術的な詳細: ルールを参照してください.

More info: Hints and Tips. From The Bugzilla Guide. Go there for latest version.



ウェブサイト: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Bugzilla


They are supported. By default they point to English Wikipedia. Interwiki prefixes are supported as well and work as usual, starting from en.wikipedia.org: [[de:Sandbox]] will link to the German Wikipedia, and so on.

Using pipes for a different label does not work. For example; [[link|name]] is not supported and won't create a link.

Section links work too, but you need to insert them correctly: the simplest way is to copy the URL from the location bar of your browser, and add brackets around the part of it after wiki/, e.g. [[MediaWiki#Editing_interface]] to link w:MediaWiki#Editing interface (technically: the section link has to be already URL-encoded).

Longer interwiki links need to be on their own line, otherwise they're split over two lines and won't be linkified. If an interwiki link is not recognized, add a colon : before it (e.g. [[:MeatBall:Whatever]]).

Since recently, also non-local interwikis work.




You can also add/remove yourself from any bug report (including reports created by other users).

your preferences で、Bugzilla からどの種類の報告メールを受け取るかを指定できます。設定を変更するには、Bugzilla にログインして、ページ右上にあるあなたのメールアドレスをクリックしてください。


登録は簡単で無料です。ページ右上の「create account」リンクをクリックして、メールアドレスを入力して「create account」をクリックするだけです (任意で本名も入力できます)。その後、確認メールより受け取ったパスワードを使用してログインします。なお、メールアドレスは、登録後に 'my preference' から変更できます。ログインするには、Bugzillaのどのページにもログイン・フォームが表示されるので、そこにメールアドレスを入力して下さい。

Note that new users are prevented from taking certain actions by default, such as closing or assigning tickets. This is largely to protect against spam. You can acquire these rights by participating in the tracker in other ways, or by requesting them on IRC.


Please note that (unlike on Wikimedia projects) your email address will be visible on threads you participate in, and on thread CC lists you have added yourself to. It is visible to everyone who is logged in. It is not visible to people who are not logged in. Your email address can not be hidden from logged-in readers.

It is possible to create an additional web-based e-mail address, and then set it to forward email to your main email address. This prevents exposure of your main email address. Google Mail (Gmail) allows free email forwarding. One can automatically forward email from one Gmail account to another Gmail account, or to any email account.

You can change your email address or name at anytime on Bugzilla. They are then changed in all bug threads you participated in. So if you decide later on to hide your main email address or name you can still do so.


歩道の上にチョークで書いてバグ報告をすることもできます。しかし、開発者がバグに取り組んでほしいのであれば、彼らが読みそうな場所に報告する必要があります。それができる場所が Bugzilla なのです。


If you want to create a link from a wiki page to a Bugzilla report, use [[bugzilla:XXX]], where XXX is the number of the bug report. For example [[bugzilla:4198]] will result in the following link: bugzilla:4198.

{{bugzilla}} テンプレートを使用して、例えば {{bugzilla|4198}} と書くと、バグ 4198 と表示されます。一部のウィキでは、{{tracked|4198}} (右に出力結果あり) や、バグ報告に修正済みの印が付いたときに {{Resolved}} を使用することもできます。

priority および severity の各フィールドの意味は?

Bugzilla/Fields#Priority および Bugzilla/Fields#Severity を参照してください。

Status フィールドの意味は? (NEW、RESOLVED など)

See the field description. NEW is also one of the statuses that an open bug might have.

Why can't I claim a bug or mark it resolved?

You need the "editbugs" permission, which can be granted by any person who already has it - which is most developers. Please ask in the #mediawiki IRC channel, and someone will grant it to you very quickly.

How do I grant someone the editbugs permission?

Go to the editusers interface and search for their email address, then click on their entry in the result list. You should see a checkbox next to the "editbugs" label. Check it, then click on "save changes". All done!



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