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The bugwrangler, bugmaster or bugmeister is a Wikimedia Foundation employee who coordinates bug management. The current bugwrangler is Andre Klapper.[1] His duties are to, among other things:[2]

  • Review and assess bug reports and enhancement requests; close reports where possible; help finding an appropriate assignee for urgent/important reports
  • Grow a community of volunteer bug responders who help transfer issue reports from other communication channels to the bug tracker, and who share bug management responsibilities
  • Clean up and organize the existing bug tracker backlog, identifying duplicated and outdated bugs
  • Work with members of the community who report bugs to clarify any ambiguity in the bug descriptions and get all the information required to reproduce the bugs
  • Work with product managers and developers to prioritize, categorize and assign bugs based on Mediawiki features and extensions; Identify and escalate urgent/important issues quickly
  • Manage expectations about deployment of fixes and help communicating the status of major bugs to bug reporters
  • Work with product managers and developers to improve the process of bug submission and bug status workflow
  • Communicate widely and frequently (while being transparent) via mailing lists, IRC, wikis, and bug tracker comments


WMF's first bugmeister was User:MarkAHershberger.