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On May 03rd 2013, we're cleaning up some bug reports about the MediaWiki Installer.

MediaWiki installer bug reports[edit]

What: Bug Triage of recent Installer bug reports - see the 71 Installer bug reports that got changed in the last 12 months: full list of reports. We will be focusing on cleaning up, improving the quality of the reports, and retesting some. Note that the latter might often require a computer to install on. For testing either MediaWiki version 1.20.5, or [mw:Download_from_Git|git master] only if you are adventurous, are recommended.

When: May 03rd, 2013, from 15:00 UTC until 16:30 UTC. This is an ongoing activity: you can arrive / leave at any time.

Where: #wikimedia-office connect IRC channel. After joining on IRC, say Hello Bug Squad!. Look for users andre__. We will welcome you with instructions and help. Our progress is documented in the Bug Day Etherpad.

Who: Anyone who is interested, including you!

Why: A new MediaWiki release (version 1.21) is planned for later this month.

See also How to triage.

This is a weekly QA activity organized by the Bug Squad team. Join us!




In the dedicated session, 8 reports were updated:

1 new bug was found while testing:

Other Installer bug reports received updates already earlier that week as part of the preparation of this bugday, such as:


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For an example, see QA/Browser testing/Search features#Evaluation.

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