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Bug management/Triage/20130307

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MediaWiki - General bug reports


What: Bug Triage of General MediaWiki reports. We will focus on reports active in the past 6 months. These numbers include reports for problems that have not found a better place yet. We will be focusing on cleaning up, improving the quality of these reports, and retesting some of them.

When: Thursday, March 07, 2013 from 15:00 UTC until 21:00 UTC. This is an ongoing activity: you can arrive / leave at any time.

Where: #wikimedia-dev connect IRC channel. After joining on IRC, say Hello Bug Squad! and we will welcome you with instructions and a simple task. There will be a Bug Day Etherpad to document our progress.

Who: Anyone who is interested, including you!

See also How to triage.

This is a weekly QA activity organized by the Bug Squad team. Join us!


  • Valeriej (talk · contribs) - Looking forward to working with other contributors!
  • Qgil (talk · contribs) - I have no special knowledge about MediaWiki core but I like to help kicking reports that seem to go nowhere. :)
  • Samkit (talk)
  • AKlapper (WMF) (talk · contribs) - Trying to tame some bug reports and having fun hanging out with others on IRC!
  • Platonides
  • Soli (Solitarius)



Bug reports acted on (38 reports):