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Пример всплывающих уведомлений

Bubble notifications is a JavaScript system developed as part of MediaWiki for displaying notifications on a web page.


  • Multiple notifications: Может одновременно отображать множество уведомлений. Each can be closed independently.
  • Automatic closing: A notification can be configured to automatically close after a short period of time. This is enabled by default, but individual features using this system may choose to disable it for specific notifications where needed.
  • Tagging: A notification can optionally be given a name (or "tag"). When a new notification is created with the same name as an older one that is still active, the older one is replaced with the new one. This enables an improved user experience where one would otherwise cause old, incomplete, or duplicate notifications to be visible (example use cases)


The entry point for the bubble notifications is the mw.notify() method part of the mediawiki.notify module.

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