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बीटा फिचर्सहा विकिपीडिया व इतर विकिमिडिया संकेतस्थळांवर,सर्वांसाठी विमोचनाआधी, नविन प्रारुपे चाचणी करण्याचा आपल्यासाठी असलेला एक मार्ग आहे. आपल्यासाठी बीटा फिचर्स सक्षम करण्यास,आपल्या पसंतीक्रमात जा; येथील प्रारुपे सक्षम करणे हे त्याच संकेतस्थळास लागू असते हे लक्षात ठेवा.

आपण या कार्यक्रमाबद्दल काय विचार करता हे या चर्चापानावर कृपया आम्हास कळू द्या.


The primary purpose of Beta Features is to allow for Wikimedia designers and engineers (from the Wikimedia Foundation and community alike) to roll out technical improvements in an environment where large numbers of users can test, give feedback, and use these features in real-world settings. The secondary purpose of Beta Features is to provide a path so that helpful, well-designed gadgets and other community code can be integrated into core after vetting, testing, and reviewing by Wikimedia Design and Engineering.

The code to provide features like this is in an extension, BetaFeatures . Beta Features' preferences are available in a Preferences tab, accessible via the personal bar at the top of the page for all logged-in users.


आत्ताच, सदस्य हे करु शकतात:

  • एकएकट्या फिचर्स ला मानवीकृत निवडणे
  • आपोआप, जसे ते नंतर विमोचित होतील तसे, सर्व अतिरिक्त फिचर्सला नोंदणी[issue 1]

कोणतीही पर्यायी क्रिया वापरण्यास,सदस्याने प्रथम आवश्यक तो टिकपेटी(चेकबॉक्स)निवदावयास हवा, नंतर 'जतन करा' टिचका, ज्याने(इतर पसंतीसारखे) बीटा फिचर्स जतन होतील.प्रत्येकवेळी ,Beta Features/Roadmap येथे दर्शविल्यानुसार, नविन फिचर्स सदस्यांना उपलब्ध करुन दिल्या जातात.

सध्याचे बीटा फिचर्स

या प्रणालीत आम्ही चाचणी घेत असलेले बीटा फिचर्स येथे आहेत:

These features are only available on some wikis:

These features are beta features on some wikis while enabled for everyone on all others:

We invite Wikimedia product teams and community volunteers who want to test out new features, or significant changes to existing features, to do so through this project.

Current features gallery

Deployed features

Other features

This list may document extensions or features that are obsolete or dormant, or are still in planning. Do not rely on the information here being up-to-date.

आपल्या स्वतःचे एक निर्माण करणे

Do you want to create your own Beta Feature? Great! James is happy to help guide you.

First, you should check that your code meets the following basic requirements:

  • Not significantly degrade site performance;
  • Not noticeably degrade perceived performance of the site, or the user's system;
  • Not crash the user's browser;
  • Not cause data loss, or corruption;
  • Pass basic interoperability with other Beta Features features; and[issue 2]
  • Contribute positively to the user's experience of the site, and be additive in nature. E.g. Beta Features cannot be used to remove site features or functionality without adding features meant to replace what was removed.
  • You should expect to test your new feature on the WMF pre-deploy beta server for at least one week before deploying to production. This testing period is intended to catch any serious bugs before jeopardizing users on production.

If you're happy your code meets these requirements, you should write-up your proposal on the New Features proposal page. As part of creating the Beta Feature, you will be asked for some text copy and an image to represent your feature in the user interface; the Design and Product teams can help you with this.


The appearance of the “बीटा तोंडवळे” tab in Preferences is purposefully different, to both inspire interest and propose a departure from the standard layout and complexity of the existing user preferences.

Here is a screenshot of the “बीटा तोंडवळे” preferences tab:

Screenshot of the “बीटा तोंडवळे” preferences screen in सदिश.
Screenshot of the “बीटा तोंडवळे” preferences screen in सदिश.

माहित असलेल्या बाबी

  1. याची नोंद घ्या कि हे सध्या,त्यांच्या पसंतीक्रम पानास भेट दिल्याशिवाय सदस्यांची नोंदणी करीत नाही. (phab:T64815)
  2. This is not to say that interoperability is a blocker. Interoperability issues need to be surfaced, and blocker-ness will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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